Lecce - Bari

Graduated in Architecture in 2008 at the University of Ferrara, she obtained her professional qualification at the Politecnico of Bari the following year and her Master in Management and Governance of the Territory at the University of Salento.

She has carried out numerous restorations, architectural designs, works management on public and private buildings, technical-administrative tests of public works, real estate estimates and technical consultancy for the Civil Court. She worked as a design consultant for environmental and landscape redevelopment in various Italian regions.

Expert in the following sectors: Construction, Safety on construction sites and work environments, Anti-seismic Design, Energy Certification of Buildings, Economic real estate evaluation; Civil Protection as Damage Assessor and Detector Technician registered in the List of the National Department of Civil Protection; European Project Planning, European Programming; Civic Participation, Consultation and Anti-corruption in the Public Administration.