About Us

The Italian Passport was founded in 2019 and is based between London, UK and Bari, Italy. 

We offer assistance all over Italy to US, Canadian and UK nationals of Italian descent. We specialise in assisting clients for their acquisition of Italian citizenship through the bloodline (Jure Sanguinis, or JS) with a truly 360-degree approach that covers absolutely every need necessary to be successful. Our focus is in real estate law. We are fully equipped to advise clients on the purchase of property in Italy, and to assist planning and executing renovations, for investment and for residential purposes. Our far-stretching network makes it possible to also assist on most matters related to legal and / or extrajudicial assistance in taxation and accounting, related to dual citizenship or residing in Italy as an expat, as well as establishing new businesses with an Italian footprint. The scope is vast.

Each and everyone of us is a qualified professional, we are mostly based in Italy and understand how to navigate the local bureaucracy. We aim to overdeliver and strive towards maximum customer satisfaction, which is facilitated by our strong teamwork.



For our JS process we work with several Comuni located in Puglia.

Puglia is an absolute favorite destination of global travellers, celebrated for its beautiful natural scenery and some of the best beaches in the world, incredible food, beautiful architecture and friendly locals.

On top of being our home in Italy, and therefore the place where we have connections, which always greatly helps to make things happen, Puglia is undoubtedly attractive and that is why it has recently risen to fame and has turned visitors into fans.

Some of the things people love about Puglia:

● Weather: Puglia enjoys long sunny days all year long, with hot but breezy summers and mild winters. The whole region boasts a sandy coastline on the Adriatic Sea, and the southern half is a peninsula enjoying two Seas, the Adriatic on one side and the calm Tyrrhenian Sea on the other. You are never far from a great beach.

● Food: food is a religion in Puglia which means having access to some of the best fish, seafood and produce in the country.

● Affordability: the cost of life in Puglia is generally considered very affordable by American standards. In general the South of Italy is much more affordable than the North.

● Locals: local people are generally open and friendly and the younger people usually speak some English.

● Culture and sights: the region boasts not only an endless number of places of natural beauty such as beaches, valleys and hills, but also one of the highest concentrations of UNESCO sites in Europe.

● Transportation: Bari, Puglia's main city, has the largest airport in Southern Italy in terms of number of flights, connecting directly to most cities in Italy and in Europe, very convenient for weekend getaways. Bari train station is serviced by high speed trains that connect it with the rest of Italy (reaching Rome in 4 hours, Venice and Milan in 7 hours).